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Serene Flow hair extension academy

Our Black Friday Offer is that you get $300 off on this course, original price $999 you will get this class for $699 for a limited time.
Start to offer non-toxic hair extensions and transform your business into a more streamlined and thriving business.
The Serene Flow hair extension academy will transform how you are working in your hairstyling business and for you to widen your way of looking what is possible for you in your business and in life.
The course is built up with pre recorded material (that you have lifetime acess to) and 6 group coaching calls where you can get coaching and help to shift your perspective to a new one, shift old habits and break free of negative patterns that are holding you back and we are going to work on creating amazing hair extensions as well.
Inside of the academy you will learn 2 different non-toxic sustainable hair extension methods, The Serene Flow wave method and The Serene Flow singular method it will help you be able to help any client that will come through your door with their hair dream.
The Serene flow non- toxic hair extension methods are super comfortable to wear, they does not cause any harm towards the clients hair and is vax free, tape free, glue free, no metal or plastic rings just a natural attachment with a nylon thread.
This is the most natural and sustainable way of wearing hair extensions that can be found on the market today.
You will not only learn how to transform your clients amazing hair you will also get a guide to transform your business from the ground up, you will get a guide into how you can start to work in a more sustainable way as a hairstylist. You will also learn different strategies on how to build up your own brand, how to attract the right type of clients to your business and build in systems into your business so that it will become easy for you to run your business and stop feeling overwhelmed with all the boring business stuff you need to do. You will start to build out your own systems so that your business will start to run with ease so that you can have time to enjoy the things that you care the most about outside your business.
Here is how the course is build up:
We have divided up the course into three faces.
1-Foundation- This is module: 1-5 Where you are going to learn both The Serene flow wave method and The Serene Flow singular method you will learn everything about these methods and practice on mannequin heads at home. Your focus here is to understand and practice these methods so that you can start to work on real hair models soon. You are also going to start to craft a vision for your business and for your life and get into the right mindset of removing the things that are standing in the way for your dream.
2-Master your skills - This is module: 6-10 Where we are going to go even deeper with The Serene Flow wave and The Serene flow signular method here we are going to start to work on real human models and really make sure that you learn how to do these methods flawless and make your clients feel that they look like a milion bucks. Focus here is for you to master your skills with these hair extension methods so that you soon can start to offer this amazing service to your clients.
3-Thrive- This is module: 11-15 Now it is time to get to work, you are going to get guides to follow along to build up a strong foundation in your business, to become clear on your relationship with money and shift that into an abundant mindset, you are going to get the guidence of bringing in sustainable practices and principles into your business, you are going to become super clear on what your brand is about so that you can start to market yourself with ease and attract premium paying clients. Then you are going to be guided to start to build in systems into your business, manuals for everything that you do in your business so that all that "boring" stuff that you just want to ignore will come with ease and you are 100% control of your business.
This round of The Serene Flow Hair extension academy will have 2 coaching calls in December, 2 coaching calls in Feb and 2 coaching calls in March so that you can get the personal guidence that you need in order to thrive.
What you get when you enroll:
  • Lifetime Access to the online course The Serene Flow hair extension academy (you get lifetime access and all future updates are included (value $1997)
  • Lifetime Access to our Private support community (value $200)
  • Personalized feedback and coaching by Ann-Marie (value $1000)
  • Live group coaching calls with hot seats where you get the coaching you need to move forward with the Serene Flow techniqe and growing your business(value $500)
  • You will get Bonus classes Social media with ease your next 90 days social media post made for you
  • Lifetime Access to the online course Build your converting website! (you get lifetime access and all future updates are included) (value $500)
  • Serene Flow certificate when you have completed your homework
  • Referral fee when you refer students to future classes

Do you want to pay with a payment plan do that here: https://www.serene-flow.com/offers/kPiLomn7 

90 -day money back guarantee 
It is super important that your are a 100% satisfied with our course so we do offer a 90 day money back guarantee is that within 90 day you have gone thru the whole course and done all the work, the hair models the pdf flies etc and you feel that this is not for me, then you can submit your work to us and let us know why you feel that this program is not for you then we will give you a full refund on your money. Contact us at [email protected] !
Please note for this course to work for you, it is needed that you are 100% coachable and open for shifting your perspective of working with hairextensions  is and you must be willing to put in the work for it to work for you.