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Episode 2. Get to know Ann-Marie and her intention with The Sustainable Hairstylist Podcast

Get to know Ann-Marie the host of The Sustainable Hair Stylist Podcast  

In this podcast episode you will hear Ann-Marie sharing a bit of her story to why she has a huge passion for sustainability and why she does what she does.

One of her ways of looking at the world is how can I make sure that the day that I leave this planet I will leave it better then when I came here, how can I wake people up to start to make more conscious choices each day and make sure that they make a positive impact on the world as well.  

Here is what you will learn in this episode:

  • How can I find a solution to whatever issue that I'm having in my life?
  • How can you be a role model for others and become the person that models the change that you wish to see in the world
  • How you as a hairstylist can impact your clients in a huge way
  • How we all can start to create a new world together
  • Are you willing to be apart and create a new conscious revolution?
  • Why Ann-Marie moved away from working with hair color and Perms and decided to become specialised in natural hair extensions and locs  


In this episode Ann-Marie refers to her attract meditation, you can download it here:

Let's go on a journey together and help transforming the world with the work that we do behind the chair.  

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The day that we really start to show up in the world in a different way, we can start to create a massive change!
If we all start to take our own journey seriously and own that, then together we can create a massive change!