Enroll into one of my programs so that you can have the hairstyling business and life beyond your wildest dreams! 

 Social media with ease plan!

Get the ultimate social media guide where you will be guided what to post on social media for the next 90 days. No more worry about what to post or how to show up, just fill in the blanks and start to show up on social with ease.

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 Energy protection for beauticians!

 Learn how to take care of your own energy so that you will have a high vibe throught the day in your salon. Never need to worry about getting drained by your clients, you will get the tools you need to have flow in your day in your salon.

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Serene flow hair extension academy where you will learn two different non-toxic hair extension methods.

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  Group Coaching program for Hairstylist 

Join this program if you want to take your business to your next level and you are ready to start to build up a strong foundation so that you can thrive. 

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  Crystal reiki course

Join Ann-Marie 7th of April in the Serene Flow salon in Stockholm for this in person one day Crystal Reiki Retreat.

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  The Serene Flow Reiki retreat

Join Ann-Marie for a 4 day transformative experience where you will learn how to do Reiki healing and how to start to infuse your treatments with Reiki to offer your clients an elevated experience. 

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