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Who is behind Serene Flow?

The founder of Serene Flow is Ann-Marie Christell born and raised in Sweden by a Polish mother and a Swedish father and at an early age she started to explore the world and see what can I found around that corner? Still to this day she is still looking for a place to call home.
With over 20 years of experience behind the chair helping her clients transform from the inside and out and earning several six figures she now guides hairstylists like you grow their business to six figures and more without needing to work longer hours behind the chair.
For over six years as a coach for hairstylists Ann-Marie has guided hairstylists to transform their lives and business through her programs The six figure hairstylist digital plan, Social media with ease and intention, the Abundant Hairstylist Academy coaching program.
She also teaches beauticians to open up to the world of Reiki & crystal Reiki so that they can bring in a spiritual and healing element into their business and life.
When Ann-Marie is not working you can find her exploring her inner world and the real world with her husband Andy, she enjoys scuba diving, exploring nature, yoga & meditation and other spiritual practices and some good live music now and again.
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