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I help hair stylists scale their business with ease by using non-toxic hair extensions

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The benefits of working with "The Serene Flow non-toxic hair extension" system!

Benefit One

You, the hair stylist, can work in a more sustainable way. No need to worry about having allergic reactions or pain in your hands!

Benefit Two

You can create amazing long hair for your clients without worrying if it will cause damage to your client's hair!

Benefit Three

You will not only learn a non-toxic way of creating hair extensions but you will also learn marketing strategies to build your business with ease!

The non-toxic Hand-Tied hair extension method that helps your clients to have the hair that they always dreamed of in an all natural way.




Who is behind Serene Flow?

The founder of Serene Flow is Ann-Marie Christell, a hair extension specialist that was born and raised in Sweden. Now she sees herself more like a global citizen because of her passion to travel and explore the world.

She also has a huge passion for inspiring hair stylists to work with "The Serene Flow non-toxic hair extension method" and help them to grow into the best version of themselves so that they can build their business of their dreams!

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Sustainability is not just a trend, it is a way of living!

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