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[Serene Flow Mantra] “I attract clients that appreciate me for who I am and my energy”

Jun 13, 2024

The moment you are working with a new client and it seems that it does not matter what you ask, you get that awkward silence. The client in your chair has no interest in you.


The idea of awkwardness is growing within you, and you get the feeling that it will be super hard to please the client sitting in your chair.


Just like all relationships in life, not everyone is a good fit for us! 


Not every client will be the right client for you.


This is why this week's Seren Flow mantra is: I attract clients that appreciate me for who I am and my energy!


If you are in an awkward position where you have a client who is not the right fit for you in your chair, then I want to invite you to just do your best. 

After, do not beat yourself up for the situation. Be okay, and hold on to the fact that you did the best that you could. If you have any awkward feelings or emotions, shake them out of your body, let them go, and do not make them into a big...

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Hairstylist, Do you have your weekly check in ritual to track what is working in your hairstyling business?

Jun 12, 2024


Do you have your weekly check in ritual to track what is working in your business?


In order for you to have a healthy hairstyling business you need to keep track of what is working and what is not working in your business. 

Decide on what day that you are doing the check in, block off 30 minutes in your calendar the same day for the next 2 months.

Use this guide and start to track things.


There is one thing to think that you know and there is a totaly different thing to acually know and keep on track on what it is that you are accualyy generating each week.


The same as looking at your revenue, is to look at what is it that your company is costing you each week. What bills and what things has been as a cost for you this week?


3.How many new clients have you had this week?

Count how many new clients you have had, also for each and every new client that you book in, while you are doing their hair alway ask them how they...

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[Serene Flow Mantra] My dream hair clients are searching for me!

Jun 06, 2024

I guess that you would not say no to more clients right?


But do you really want to have any type of clients?


Ask yourself who is it that I really want to help?


What type of person is that?


What are their values?


What is it about what you do and who you are that makes them attracted to your chair?


This weeks Seren Flow Mantra is “My dream hair clients are searching for me!”

Anytime that you feel a feeling of lack, “I do not make enough”, “I do not have enough clients”, “I do not like this person that sits in my chair”.


I want to invite you to use the mantra ”My dream hair clients are searching for me!”, hold this mantra close to your heart and when you are ready to take action ask yourself:

How easy is it for people to know that I as a hairstylist exist and my hair salon exist in the town that I’m in?


If someone would search on google hair dresser / hair stylist...

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Your 5 first steps to transform your hair salon into a sustainable hair salon

Jun 04, 2024

Your 5 first steps to transform your hair salon into a sustainable hair salon that not only will create an impact for you it will also cause a ripple effect on your community and the world with the choices that you start to make as a sustainable hair stylist that shows that you care. 

1 .Find your own why! 

The very first step to transform your salon into a sustainable hair salon is for you to really understand why do you want to have a business that is sustai nable?

What is really the reason for yourself?

The more clear you can become about what is your why, the easier it will be for you to star to implement changes.

Holding on to your why is what will also attract even more of the clients that is interested in a sustainable salon because people want to get to know you and your story behind your why.

2.What part of your bussiness and life are you wasteful?

When it comes to running a salon that is sustainable it has not only to do with what you do in your salon,...

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[Serene Flow Mantra] “I’m worthy of letting go of the things that are stressful for me!”

May 30, 2024

When was the last time you sat down and really checked in with yourself about how you are feeling in general? If you feel that there are things in your life that are stressful for you, write that out for yourself. 


It is so easy to add more and more things to our list of things to do, the things that we need to do and also the things that we want to do. But what happens when there is just too much that is pulling you into a million different directions at the time? 


That is when overwhelm and stress can start to take  hold of you!


Society has increasingly embraced the idea that the more we do, the better, and that we should cram in so much and be able to take care of so many clients.


This weeks, Serene Flow mantra is: “I’m worthy of letting go of the things that are stressful for me!”


I wish for you to start looking at your life and your business from a new perspective. Do your check-in. How are things really...

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How to handle stress as a hair stylist

May 28, 2024

One of the things that has become a normal thing in the beauty industry is stress, as a hairstylist it is something that we should do, cram everyone and everything into our day. 


This is something that I think that we should put a change to, now it is time to start to invite a more holistic approach into our hair styling business.


For a while it is ok to have a certain amount of stress in our bodys, but one day it might hit you with a tonne of bricks and you might not be able to handle the type of stress levels as you use to. 

Allow me to guide you on how you can shift any situation that you feel is stressfull for you as a hairstylist and shift this. 

Follow along in this video training and follow the steps and you will see how you can shift from the inside and out.

Sending you lots of love


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Hair Stylist, here is how to Shift a toxic situation with a hair client

May 26, 2024

When we are working as hair stylists it is so easy to get stuck in toxic situations with our clients, it can be both our own fault and it can also be our clients fault. 

If you as a hairstylist feel that you are stuck in a toxic situation with a hair client and you feel that it is time to shift the toxic situation with your client then I want to guide you through the Toxic client framework where I will teach you how you how remove your toxic situation with a client.

Learn how to shift any toxic situation that you might have with a hair client, I will walk you through the full framework in The Sustainable Hair Stylist Podcast, listen to the full episode here: and allow me to guide you to remove any toxic client situation that you might fall into in the future.


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Are You a Hairstylist Not Showing Up on Social Media? Here's Why

Nov 05, 2023

What is the real reason why as a hairstylist is not showing up fully on social media?

Could it be that you are affraid of what people will judge you?

Or it might have already happend that one of your family members have already had a discussion with you around what videos and photos you have put out on social media, becoming the talk of the family party.

If you have these thoughts, you might even have people that are trying to push you down, it can even be people that are close to you that are making remarks on your social media content.

I give you permission to block all of the people that you know are not cheering you on.

Remember the only people that matters is the dream clients that you have, you are creating content for them and not anyone else!

Save this as a reminder!


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[The Sustainable hair stylist podcast] Get to know Ann-Marie and her intention with The Sustainable Hairstylist Podcast

Oct 01, 2023

Get to know Ann-Marie the host of The Sustainable Hair Stylist Podcast  

In this podcast episode you will hear Ann-Marie sharing a bit of her story to why she has a huge passion for sustainability and why she does what she does.

One of her ways of looking at the world is how can I make sure that the day that I leave this planet I will leave it better then when I came here, how can I wake people up to start to make more conscious choices each day and make sure that they make a positive impact on the world as well.  

Here is what you will learn in this episode:

  • How can I find a solution to whatever issue that I'm having in my life?
  • How can you be a role model for others and become the person that models the change that you wish to see in the world
  • How you as a hairstylist can impact your clients in a huge way
  • How we all can start to create a new world together
  • Are you willing to be apart and create a new conscious revolution?
  • Why Ann-Marie moved away from working with hair...
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[The Sustainable hair stylist podcast] Introduction to The Sustainable Hair Stylist Podcast

Oct 01, 2023

Welcome to The sustainable hairstylist podcast!

In this episode you are going to get to know Ann-Marie Christell a hairstylist with +20 years of experience behind the chair and a coach for hairstylist that wants to grow their business without having to stand longer hours behind the chair and have time to live a life beyond their wildest dreams.

You will get to know what the sustainable hairstylist podcast will be about and you will learn what intention that Ann-Marie has put into the podcast.

Never forget you are just not a hairstylist that are doing hair, you are helping transforming peoples lives from the inside and out with the amazing work that you do, hold that close to your heart and any time you feel that you are looked down opon or you feel that I just do hair, you can help transforming people with who you are, how you hold the space for them and how you guide them while their are sitting in your chair.

Let's go on a journey together and help transforming the world with the...

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