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The Sustainable Hair Stylist Podcast

The Sustainable Hair Stylist Podcast

Hosted by: Ann-Marie Christell

Welcome to The Sustainable Hair Stylist Podcast! If you are a hairstylist that wants to generate more revenue for the hours that you are working behind the chair and still have a balanced lifestyle where you...

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Episode 20: Your 5 first steps to a sustainable hair salon!

If you want to create a better impact on the world that we live in now then shifting your hair salon into a sustainable hair salon is one of the things that truly can help create a huge shift in the path the world is...
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Episode 19: What to do when you have a slow period in the hair salon

Are you freaking out because that slow time has come to the work that you do behind the chair and you have all the feelings of your hair styling business will come crashing down any moment? This episode of The...
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Episode 18: How to deal with a client that us unhappy with their hair

  Have you had a situation with a client where the client is so unhappy with their hair that it has affected your mood, your energy and how you are showing up for your clients and your family.    It might have feelt...
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Episode 17: How to get new clients as a hairstylist

As a hairstylist that wants to have a hairstyling business that is works on automatic without having to much downtime then we need a healthy flow of new hair clients to our hairstyling business. In this podcast...
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Episode 16: Say god bye to stress around social media as a hair stylist!

  Let's say goodbye to stress around social media once and for all!  In today's episode of The Sustainable Hair Stylist Podcast, you will be guided to remove any type of stress that you might have around social...
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Episode 15: Does your salon environment support your future vision?

What impact does your environment have on you and the choices that you make each day?   If you have a dream / vision of where you want to go in your life and in your work behind the chair then I want you to start to...
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Episode 14: Bring in rituals into your hairstyling business

Welcome to The sustainable hairstylist podcast! In this episode Ann-Marie is going to guide you to 6 different rituals that you can bring into your life and business as a hairstylist, she talks about the importance of...
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Episode 13: How to deal with energy thieves as a hairstylist

Have you ever been in a situation where you have been around a person and all of the sudden you felt super tired, maybe you feelt that you start to think of negative thoughts, or your mood has changed totaly.   It...
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Episode 12. Dare to walk your own path as a hairstylist

Let's go on a journey together and help transforming the world with the work that we do behind the chair.     Let Ann-Marie know what your biggest takeaway from this episode was by sending her a dm on...
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Episode 11. The type of photos and videos you need in your hairstyling business

As a hairstylist you will need different type of photos and videos of the work that you do in your hair salon in order to promote your hairstyling business.  But what type of photos and videos is it that you really...
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Episode 10. The benefits of using reiki in your life and in your hairstyling business

In today's episode you will learn the benefits of using the healing reiki energy in your life and in your hairstyling business / beauty business.    Reiki is a universal healing energy that can help your fysical ,...
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Episode 9. Why you should use your intuition as a hairstylist

Join The sustainable hairstylist facebook group to connect with more conscious hairstylists like you:     Let Ann-Marie know what your biggest takeaway from this episode...
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