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Just out of school I took a leap and started my first business and rented a chair in a hair salon offering hair services, hair extensions and locs and now + 20 years later I still take on clients behind the chair a few days a month.
Throught my entreprenural journey I have had some different types of businesses, a e-commerce store, my own salon suite (my salon suite has always been a part of my life for the last +20 years) and my online course and coaching platform that all have had a revenue of over six figures per year and more. 
The six figure system is something that you can learn inside of my coaching program "Abundance hair stylist academy"!
I have put together a system of building a strong foundation, a brand that people can connect with, services & products people are drawn to and want and a marketing strategy that puts you infront of the right type of people for you. One big piece of the pussel for running a hair styling business in a holistic way is you, the tool as a hairstylist that creates these amazing transformations for your clients. As the tool and owner of a business we need to understand how much our own energy and what we belive is possible for us has an impact on our business and our life.
This has taken me into a deep dive of studying personal development, energy healing, breath work and meditation in order for me to truly shift myself from the inside and out and heal the things that needed healing.
In my coaching and teaching I always come from a holistic and sustainable perspective becasue true change always starts from within.
My goal is to inspire other hairstylists to choose a path of working in a more sustainable and holistic way!

Here is what some of Ann-Marie Students say!

  • I feel like I have made a better road map for my life, less fear and I finally feel like Im doing completely what I love!¬†
  • I have learnt how to set up a clear vision of how I want to work and setting up¬†professional¬†boundaries.¬†After¬†I did this a shift happened and I attracted customers that I do wanted to work with it¬†also made me take myself more seriously which made all the difference for me. Now I see possibilitys¬†for me in life that I would not have dreamt of seeing before I trained with Ann-Marie
  • I've learned how to reach out to my customers and how to attract my "dream client" on social medias, also how to create my own brand.¬†The biggest change is that I'm not tired from work anymore so I just feel very grateful and happy about this new way if living¬†

Host of the transformational podcast The Sustainable hairstylist Podcast!

If you want to learn hot to bring in a more holistic and sustainable way of living and running a hairstyling business...
If you want to bring your spiritual side into the work you do behind the chair...
If you want to see life and business from a new perspective.....
...... Then you are going to love The Sustainable Hairstylist Podcast!


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