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Sustainable Hair Stylist 



Inspiration on how to run your salon in a sustainable way and live a more balanced lifestyle!



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Meet the mind behind The Sustainable Hair Stylist Podcast

Ann-Marie Christell

Your host:

The founder of Serene Flow is Ann-Marie Christell, a hair extension specialist that was born and raised in Sweden. Now she sees herself more like a global citizen because of her passion to travel and explore the world.

She also has a huge passion for inspiring hair stylists to work with "The Serene Flow non-toxic hair extension method" and help them to grow into the best version of themselves so that they can build their business of their dreams!


I have learnt how to run a business and how to reach out to costumers and how to attract the kind of costumers that I want. Be more self condfident and self respecting. Learning that the Most important thing is yourself and your wellbeing, because it all affect your work. My time values! And it feels great to work with things you love doing.

Yes, before I felt like a slave just working to get paid, now I get to do something I love doing everyday!



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